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Equipment Failure & Tripping We have set industry standards by Super Tuning that act as Electrical Fly Wheel, Mitigate Power Surge and Solve Equipment Failure & Trip due to Voltage Sag. Aiming right at the melting pot we suppress harmonic distortion where it is at maximum. We achieve the highest harmonic mitigation efficiency among peers that eliminates tripping and failures with your plant and machinery due to excessive harmonic distortions, and voltage fluctuation/ sag which may originate from the external grid/ utility /IPP or within the internal electrical power system. With Encon, you are 100% certain about the success of your harmonics distortion correction project. It mitigates majority of all your reported problem, tripping and equipment failure issues on a sustainable basis. In-addition it effects energy saving, higher productivity with your existing equipment footprint, better quality of finished product, and minimizes rejection at every quality check-point in your process. Followings are at the top of troubleshooting chain of problems, tripping, and failure incidents those we regularly come across, and resolve by applying appropriate sized Encon passive tuned harmonic filter. In-addition we occasionally encounter new problems with fresh challenges and difficulties from industries. Please refer to our Case Study section to find out about how we handle those issue. Do you have any of the following problem with your plant and equipment? Yes, you can consider those as solved using Encon passive tuned harmonic filters. In addition and unlike active harmonic filter which consumes additional kWh energy due to anti harmonic generation, passive harmonics filters effect energy savings extent of which depend upon the plant's harmonics distortions. Elevator Maloperation, uneven floor landing and lift door not opening in building, shopping mall, and airports: It took a long experience in comprehensively solving the elevator problem which was found to be multi dimensional and needed several corrective measures. The first problem of uneven floor landing, maloperation, variable speed drive board burning and electronic card failure were due to harmonic distortion in electrical power system. Passive harmonic filter solved those problems. The second problem of lift door not opening is associated with triplen harmonic, also called zero sequence harmonic or third harmonic. Building's LED lights generate significant triplen harmonics which percolate to the elevator's electrical neutral system. Triplen harmonic filter at lift machine room eliminates it and resolves the problem. Arc flash, Pitting, Noise, and Vibration: Passive harmonic filter solves incidents of electrical burnout, arc-flash, electrical blast, humming noise and vibration, occasional spurt in equipment noise and vibrations, pitting issue and greenish crud formation with electrical bus bar, switchgear- air circuit breaker acb, molded case circuit breaker mccb, miniature circuit breaker mcb, cable lug joint, motor terminal, electrical equipment terminal and other current carrying jointing terminals. Temperature rise in equipment and plant and machineries: Passive harmonics filter substantially reduces equipment temperature across all electrical and control equipment like in transformer, alternator, ac/dc motor, thyristor converter, vfd drive, rectifier, inverter, PLC, SCADA, HMI etc. That percolates down to mechanical couplings like in gearbox, turbine, diesel engine etc. Giving specifics, generators running temperature reduce depending upon harmonic distortion, and for large infrastructure industry it was by 5oC for a 25mW, 11kV co generation power plant. For transformers, with substantial harmonic distortions, the reduction was between 12oC to 20oC for 1.6mva to 2.5mva, 11kv/ 433v ONAN, Dyn11 transformer specifications. It also eliminated oil leakage from transformer's HT/ LT bushing/ gasket. Capacitor failure: Whenever Capacitors are used with or without detuned reactor with high harmonic load; both the capacitor and/or the reactor fail/ flash/ blast, depending upon the magnitude of harmonic distortion in the plant's electrical power system. Capacitors are also used at various electrical equipment like VFD drive's post inverter capacitor, which also fail/ flash/ blast if higher harmonic distortions are present at its incoming power supply. AC VFD Drive, Solar Inverter, and DC Thyristor Converter Drive problem and failure: Drive stalling is common with DC Drives and AC VFD Drives on Mill duty motor applications if those operate beyond 70% of its average rated capacity. Due to this Mill duty motor drives, either DC drive or AC VFD drive, are highly oversized. Drive stalling happens seemingly on current over threshold limit or unstable current loop or on pulse missing signals. However their real reason is waveform distortion due to higher harmonic distortion with its incoming electrical power supply. Passive harmonic filter reconstructs the distorted waveform back to sinusoidal waveform and eliminates drive stalling. It thus releases a massive 30% extra power and additional production capacity with the same equipment footprint. The single most reason of loss industrial productivity worldwide is equipment tripping both drives and control systems on grid voltage fluctuations or voltage sags wherein relay trips due to a combination of over current, under voltage or earth faults. Passive and super tuned harmonic filters have stored latent energy that can ride through the momentary voltage fluctuation/ sag. It acts much as like an electrical flywheel. That eliminates tripping. Giving specifics, tuned harmonic filter prevents vfd drive from nuisance tripping which many a times damage the drive beyond repair. Usually the drive trips annunciating over load or over voltage or earth fault. If the fault is resettable the drive runs after the relay reset. But if the fault is un-resettable, even after disconnection of the motor from the drive, the fault resets only after the drive is replaced. Harmonic distortion injects high frequency voltage and currents. Whereas electrical equipment are designed to operate at fundamental frequency of 50 or 60hz. Electronics are most susceptible to high frequency failures and that's why those like the dc or ac vfd drive's electronic control and power cards, PLC, SCADA, HMI, thyristor valve, thyristor fuse, IGBT boards, power supply SMPS cards etc fail repeatedly, if higher harmonics are present at its incoming electrical power system. Passive tuned harmonic filter is most efficient in mitigating harmonic distortion and thus eliminates both electrical and electronic equipment failure. Giving specifics, it prevents electrical flash over/ blast of VFD Inverter's IGBT card or the drive's DC choke insulation. It eliminates VFD Drive's or DC Converter's (Rectifier) or DC Drive's SCR/ Thyristor/ Thyristor-gate from failing/ flashing/ blasting either with a short circuit or an open circuit fault. In rare event for an electrical blast, it cause penetrating blast hole all through the SCR/ Thyristor device as shown in the caption picture. Electronics card failure: Prevents, due to harmonic distortions, electronics card malfunction, tripping, failures- burn/flash/blast in CNC machines, process control systems like PLC, SCADA, DCS, IPC (Industrial PC) and HMI (MMI). Eliminates card failures with controller card/ motherboard/ CPU board, hard disk, display unit and SMPS power supply unit. Harmonic filter prevents malfunction in analogue I/O card for abnormal variations in analogue signals, which if un-reset-able, resets after the affected I/O card modules are replaced. Prevents PLC from going into fault mode. If I/O inputs fail, the affected I/O modules are replaced and sometimes PLC software also is reinstalled. If communication fails, many a times the PLC itself is replaced. Harmonic filter prevents SCADA/HMI/IPC from maloperation. If software gets corrupted, due to voltage fluctuations/sags, the system reboots or hangs. Sometimes it works after a simple reset/reboot. But at times the software is required to be reloaded and/or reconfigured. At times hardware fails partially and works after replacement of the failed part(s) which could be any among its hard disk, motherboard, controller card, display unit or SMPS power supply card. But if the failure is heavy the entire IPC (or HMI) is replaced. SCADA or Industrial PC communicates in the continuous production environment between PLC, HMI, Weighing System, and Process Instruments for data exchanges like production recipe and operational parameters like machine speed etc.; and collects production/ batch details. If high harmonic distortions are present in the factory's electrical power system, the production/batch reports miss out randomly for a few reporting from reaching out at the centralized SACDA/ IPC station. By mitigating harmonics, Encon tuned harmonic filters remedy the problem. Biomedical electronics and instrumentation failures: Eliminates failures/burnings in motherboard, hard disk, NIBP board, IBP module, ECG module, serial cord, NAIM board, Channel board, Acquisition board and power supply board with critical hospital equipment like ICU & ward patient monitors, Cardiac-ACT m/c, Dialysis machine, defibrillator, Anesthesia m/c, IABP machine, infusion pump, pulse m/c, Ultrasound m/c, Lab monitor, urine analyzer, central control monitor, C-ARM, Blood bank defreezer, minimum invasive surgery m/c etc. Harmonic filter solves issues with critical diagnosis machines and controller card failures with MRI, Cathlab, CT Scan and X-ray machines. Lighting and ballast failure: Eliminates failures/burnings with the building/factory lighting apparatus- LED/ CFL/ HPSV/ HPMV and lighting ballasts, and electronic chokes. Prevents failures with other single phase equipment like fan motors and air-conditioner compressor motors. Power plant problems- IPP and Cogeneration: Solves synchronization rejection issues. Eliminates problem with AVR voltage fluctuations and in rare cases AVR failures. HT Switchyard failures: Solves switchyard problems associated with HT fuse failures. The DO fuse sits inside a rod, harmonic filter prevents, visible sparking at the fuse bottom/top areas and overheating and blackening of the fuse rod unit. Transformer, CT and PT- HV/LV: Solves transformer high voltage (HV) winding insulation failures- blast, flash burn, puncture interlayer short, earth, or open-up, and/or winding dislodge & disorientation which happen involving few number of turns. Prevents sturdy low voltage (LV) winding from blackening burns which though happen occasionally. Eliminates flash burns at OLTC/ OFTC terminals. Switchgear failures, problems, and issues (HT/LT): The most prevalent harmonic failure with circuit breakers, either high tension (HT) or low tension (LT), is that its fixed jaw contacts (also the movable flat contacts) flash burn, wear-out and loosen with greenish crud formation. Contacts overheat and weld. Encon harmonic filter eliminates those failures both with HT Circuit Breakers and LT ACBs and prevents harmonic flash burns with Fuse, SFU, MCCB and MCB. Cables and cable lug issues- HV/LV: Solves cable insulation, terminal-joint and lug failures- blast, flash burn, blackening, greenish crud formation, and puncture shorting with ground, which are most prevalent around its terminals/joints. Squirrel Case Induction Motor (SQIM): Solves stator winding insulation failures- blast, flash burn, puncture interlayer short, ground, or open-up. Prevents sturdy rotor-bars from melting open which though happen occasionally. Initial harmonic problem shows up as higher bearing temperature and/or phase current imbalance. Slip Ring Induction Motor (SRIM): Solves stator winding insulation failures- blast, flash burn, puncture interlayer short, ground, or open-up. Prevents sturdy rotor-windings from burning which though happen occasionally. Prevents the external rotor winding links, ring, and resistance (air-cooled) from burning. Prevents Slip rings from developing uneven surface groove and increased slot gaps. Initial harmonic problem shows up as higher bearing temperatures and/or phase current imbalance. DC Motor: Solves winding insulation failures- blast, flash burn, puncture interlayer short, ground, or open-up in field windings, equalizer winding in commutator, and inter pole winding in between field winding. Prevents sturdy armature-windings from burning though happen occasionally within few slots. Restrains commutator from overheating which prevents it from developing uneven surface groove and irregular gaps in between segments as soldering bonds between them give-up. Prevents commutator from burning which though happen occasionally. Initial harmonic problem shows up in the form of field over current. Motors with analogue controls are more prone to field winding failures and with digital controls to nuisance tripping. Bearing wear-out and failure: Solves bearing wear-outs, damages and failures which happen at several points like at the bearing sitting shaft, bearing housing at motor end cover and the bearing cage. Operational and Production Quality Issues and Problem: Encon tuned harmonic filter solved many a challenging problems faced by the industry and every now and then new and difficult problems are reported. Eliminated waviness with thinner gauge metal sheets at cold rolling mill. Solved mis-rolling, which generally happens at higher rolling speeds due to loss of synchronized rpm among stands and unstable drive current, with hot rolled and wire rod mills which produce 8mm to 36mm TMT bars and 5.5mm wire rods. Removed 'Lesser-frame-accuracy" issues with metal forming machines for automatic sheet metal enclosure production facility. Reduced "high-slack-ratio" problem at major Steel-Rope and ACSR-Conductor manufacturing processes thereby improving the quality of the finished products and reducing quality check rejections by a massive 50% on a six-sigma quality scaling.

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