Passive Harmonic Filter proven valuable When Eq...


Passive Harmonic Filter With a passive harmonic filter, the harmonics reduce by absorbing it from the downstream load. It relieves harmonic stress on load end equipment and solves its failure and tripping problem. It permits the plant to achieve a full load run with reduced energy consumption. Encon facilitates the best harmonic solutions. Engineers worldwide depend on passive harmonic filters when the electric-load is sizeable, harmonic distortions alarming and yet there's a need to slash equipment footprint by designing a full load plant operation. Unlike the ineffective series type passive harmonic filter, the highly effective passive harmonic filters are always parallel type harmonic filters. It eliminates load generated harmonics by drawing them towards it creating a short circuit path, and then absorbing harmonic within it. It thus eliminates the need for any equipment derating even with extreme harmonic distortions and allows plant operation at a hundred percentage loading for all plant machinery.

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